Let’s get your products seen and sold on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

Scale Your Business with the
Amazon Launchpad Pro Program.

Imagine if your products went global.

Imagine selling your products with ease and running a profitable online business.

Imagine your dream customers buying from you 24/7.

Let me be the one to tell you: It’s all possible.
I’ve seen and taught talented brands and business owners just like you, achieve their Amazon goals and more.

If you’re ready to expand your business and launch on Amazon, let’s do it together in 3 months.

The Amazon Launchpad Pro Program is for you if…

▶ You want to sell more products but don’t know where to start on Amazon.

▶ You get overwhelmed or stressed with the thought of figuring it out by yourself.

▶ You wish you had a simple step-by-step roadmap to save you thousands of dollars and hours of time.

▶ You would love the help and support from someone who understands the Amazon platform and to shorten the learning curve.

▶ You want to confidently explore a new online sales stream for your business.

Get your products up on Amazon the easy way.

A course and coaching program for emerging & established product-based brand owners.

The Amazon Launchpad Pro Program is your opportunity to:

You deserve a wildly successful business that spans the globe.

When you know you have an extraordinary product and you’ve been dreaming bigger, it’s time to honour that dream. 

▶ Grow your next revenue stream and multiply your product sales.

▶ Break into international markets like the USA, UK or Europe.

▶ Get your products seen and bought by millions of customers around the world.

▶ Create a profitable 6 or 7 figure sales channel.

▶ Build an asset that elevates the value of your business.


apply for the amazon launchpad pro program

is your no-fluff, step-by-step course with a custom 1:1 coaching program designed to help you launch and scale on Amazon.

Together, I’ll work with you to:

● Gain clarity and confidence on your journey to starting and launching on Amazon.

● Figure out each step of the process with exclusive 1:1 calls with me.

● Go from zero to launch on Amazon with an easy and efficient blueprint to follow.

The Amazon Launchpad Pro Program 

After becoming a profitable Amazon seller myself and helping hundreds of brands with their own success story, I created this program for product-based businesses looking to do the same (in less time and without the overwhelm!)

Hi lovelies! I’m Verity.

- Ellie

“Working with Verity has given me so much clarity and enthusiasm for my Amazon business. Knowledgeable, efficient, effective and warmly engaging she is a true professional. Verity has allowed me to have a quantum leap in how to manage all the Amazon tasks into a coherent plan.” 

Yes, It Really Works

- Brenda

“I am really loving the Launchpad pro program to help me launch in the USA.

I am finding the way the modules are structured with individual videos and great instruction plus actions to take really suits my learning and then with the Project plan I can add anything extra I need to factor in. I have been also capturing information and pictures along the way to help with my setup.” 

- Chris

“I really can't recommend you highly enough; you are a Superstar, Verity! You’re so incredibly creative, organized, so generous with your time and an absolute Amazon expert. I am so appreciative of the work you have done to help me to build my brand from scratch. Thank you, I love everything you have done so much and am loving getting my brand out there."

- Michael

“Program is very organized and methodical, which reduces the overwhelm.

Having a roadmap that someone has successfully followed. makes it easy to know what to do next. My sense is that the program is going to be amazing and that working with you will be enormous help in terms of getting up and running successfully”

from Heavenly Himalayan


From Be Keane Healthy & Fit


From Dreams of Ivy

From From Simply Inspired Goods



Amazon Launchpad Pro will give you the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence you need to set up and launch on Amazon now, no matter how many amazing products you plan to launch in the future.

“Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.”

As they say:

“Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.”

So, here is what is included in the program...

+ so much more

The Course

Lifetime Course Access - Get videos, workbooks, templates and the step-by-step process to get you set up and launched on Amazon.

6 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions - Access to 6 x 1 hour Coaching session with Verity that you can use throughout the 6 months program. This personal coaching will keep you on track & help you answer any specific questions your business has. 

The Launch:

The Coaching:

The Community:

Access to the Private FB community - You will have 6 months access to the Private Members only FB Group. Connect with other Product Brand Owners who are also launching their products on Amazon.

Listing Done-for-You - Our team will create your first listing to get you launched even quicker!

90-day Strategy Session Call to get you kickstarted and keep you on-track

Step by step Video Modules to get you Set up and Live

Weekly Q&A sessions with Verity and Guest Speakers

Tools, Templates and Downloadable Content

Personal Support in FB Group

Updated Content Added Regularly

BONUS: List of Recommended Industry Services to outsource to

BONUS: Project Plan Checklist

BONUS: 3PL Warehouse Contacts

BONUS: How to get a Trademark for your Brand

The course content is broken down into 5 Key Parts...

Lastly, we’ll explore your launch options and how to boost your product sales so they sell like hotcakes right from the start!

Launch Preparation


You’ll learn how to navigate the Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) system, discover new options to get your products exported to the location you wish to sell in, decide on the quantity of products to ship to Amazon, and how to set up a shipping plan to get your products into an FBA warehouse.

Logistics & Optimisation


Next, we’ll dive into simple keyword research using the Helium 10 tool, how to write effective listings that will get your product seen and found in search results, and how to create desirable product images that grab your customer’s attention.



You’ll get a clear roadmap and the documents you’ll need to successfully set up and open your Amazon account. This module will explore bank account options and saving on FOREX fees when selling internationally, how to sell in categories that may be restricted, how to access the Amazon Brand Registry, introduction to trademarks, and how to use the Amazon Seller Central Account.

Account Set Up


We’ll start with taking a closer look at your competition and finding the best category to sell your products under, along with Amazon fees and and your product’s pricing, costs and margins.

Competition Assessment


want a sneak peek to the program?

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An Amazon Seller Account up and running with your products ready to sell.

All the information, video recordings and templates to refer back on.

Fresh stock on its way, or arrived and ready, to Amazon FBA.

A thriving asset that will boost the value of your business.

Products in front of millions of shoppers who are loving them and ready to buy.

Broken into international markets like the USA, UK or Europe.

A profitable e-commerce channel that you can scale to 6 or 7 figures.

Knowledge to rinse and repeat every-time you launch a new product from your range.

By the end of your experience in Amazon Launchpad Pro, you’ll have:

Launch & Thrive on Amazon Today

Tailored to your brand and products, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned so I can help you get established on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

Designed exclusively for product-based brands, this customised and supportive program gives you the solid foundation and blueprint to go from zero to launch in 3 months time.

If you’re ready to commit and skyrocket your brand’s potential on Amazon, you can do it quicker and easier with The Amazon Launchpad Pro Program.

apply for the amazon launchpad pro program

How long are you willing to dream or wait?

90-Day Strategy Call

This program is delivered to you through both live coaching sessions and video recorded course modules. 

How is the program delivered

6 x 1:1 Zoom Coaching Calls 

You will have a lifetime access to the video content to allow you to refer back to anything.

Access to the Private Facebook Community

Zoom Coaching Calls – 6 x 1:1 Calls – All recorded and provided after each meeting.

Video Course Modules – Drip fed as you work through each key aspect

PDF print out with tools, information and guides – Provided as you go through each stage.

Email access to ask questions and get support between each call coaching call.

▶ Established or emerging brands selling physical products.

▶ Brands with 3+ products in their catalogue.

▶ Business owners, entrepreneurs or marketing team members.

▶ Coachable brands who want to grow and scale their business internationally.

▶ Brands that are committed to learning and launching a new e-commerce channel quickly and efficiently.

▶ Visionary businesses searching for a simple, straightforward approach to launch their products on Amazon.

Amazon Launchpad Pro is the perfect fit for:

Who is this really for? 

If you can relate, and you’d love to say “see ya!” to all of the above, let’s take your business from hot mess to mega success.

● I’m struggling to grow my sales.

● I want to go global, but I can’t get into the USA market.

● I’ve got stock taking over my house and I’m running out of space.

● Postage prices and delivery times are expensive, slow, and it’s hurting my business.

● I would love to launch on Amazon but it all feels so complicated.

I get it. It can feel like jumping over hurdle after hurdle before you’re finally on Amazon.

But we’ve all been there. We’ve all started somewhere on this fast-moving platform.

The most common struggles I hear from product brand owners are:

But what if I’m not ready?

In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, I offer a 30 day Moneyback Guarantee.

I am certain you’ll love this program. 

● When you know what actionable steps to take, without all the fluff, the stress and overwhelm takes a backseat.

● You’re going to save a ton of time and energy by having someone (like me!) walk you through the process.

● It’s 100% possible to stand out and build a 6 figure e-commerce business on Amazon.

● Once you’re all set up and launched, it’s easy to ‘rinse and repeat’ the steps every time you launch a new product.

● You’ll grow and launch faster from the support of a coach and a clear system to follow.

I’ve coached countless brands, just like yours, with figuring out how Amazon works and the best way to set up and launch.

While it can feel difficult and daunting in the beginning, a roadmap and guidance has truly made all the difference for my clients.

The good news:

Ready to scale with Verity?

apply for the amazon launchpad pro program

The secret to getting ahead?
Getting started.

Apply for the Amazon launchpad Pro Program

I’ll teach you everything you need to know to successfully start, grow and win on Amazon. Together, we can make your Amazon dreams a reality. 

It’s time to grow your brand and business to new heights.

Absolutely! You don ‘t have to be a USA citizen to sell on the platform. 

Can I sell on Amazon USA even if I don’t live there?

The one-on-one coaching calls will happen on a private zoom call. You can use your 6 x 1 hour calls at any point throughout the 6-month program. You can simply book using a booking link and select a time and date that suits you.

How are the 1:1 calls structured?

Once we begin, you’ll gain access to course portal where all the modules & resources are stored. The videos and course will then be available 24/7, so you can refer back to the material as needed.

How long do I have access to the video course? 

By booking a free, 15-minute call with me first. We’ll chat and see if this program is a good fit for you and your business. Got questions? I’ll answer all of them whether it’s about the process or what’s included.

How do I join the program?


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