Power up your product business by creating a profitable six-figure revenue stream on Amazon

These mini Power sessions will provide you with the clarity & support you need to get your product business rockin’ and rollin’ on Amazon!

Each personalised & flexible session delivers direction, actionable steps and a strategy to move your business towards the e-commerce trajectory you’ve been dreaming of.

Clarity is the key that unlocks selling on Amazon Successfully!

This is for you if….

▶ You’re wanting to work 1 on 1 together to shortcut your success on Amazon.

▶ You have a million questions about Amazon and need clarity about the process.

▶ Wanting to know if Amazon is the right marketplace for your business.

▶ Already selling but need support to move in your desired direction.

▶ Looking for a flexible way to get support that doesn’t break the budget.


▶ Fast action strategies and recommendations to put into place immediately.

▶ Personalized Coaching without a long-term commitment.

▶ Verity’s 10+ years of experience with Amazon to support you on a range of topics.

▶ The tools and recommendations to skyrocket your business on Amazon.

What you get with a Power Session…

Trying to work out Amazon on your own can feel like going down a rabbit hole of overwhelm. Instead, get real and honest support from someone who has seen it all!

(Plus… it’s way more fun working with someone else who’s cheering you on!)

A Simple Way to Uncover Your Brands Potential on Amazon

Launching your brand profitably on the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace is an exhilarating experience to know that millions of customers can find you. 

But, I also see so many band owners consider launching on Amazon & then quickly put the idea in the ‘too-hard’ basket to look at later….
Often later never comes, and they’re potentially missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue each month (Ouch!)

I’m here to guide you in the right direction without the overwhelm so you can take action straight away.

The 90-minute Power Session is for you if you’re ready to take action, move fast and expand your product business on the Amazon Marketplace… BUT you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, and need some expert help to get back on track.

You Might Be Dreaming of…

● Wanting to understand how Amazon works for an established product brand.

● Knowing what takes to export and sell in the USA from anywhere around the world.

● How Amazon fits into your current business model

● Simplifying the profitability & understanding the fee's

● Having a strategy for launching or growing on Amazon

● Having someone to bounce ideas off and help you to take action

Wherever you are in your Amazon journey, I’m here to support you to create a profitable revenue stream you can rely on.

How Does It Work?

Book your session online

Complete the pre-session form & decide what you want to focus on.



It’s as simple as that!

Every product business is different & I’m always seeing a range of questions & topics that brands are asking for help with.

Here are some common ones:

▶ How Amazon Works

▶ Profitability & Fees on Amazon

▶ Expanding to the USA and Internationally

▶ Freight & Logistics Navigation

▶ Working with 3PL’s as a Safety Net

▶ Amazon Listing Optimization

▶ Brainstorming & Planning for Existing Sellers

▶ Roadmap for Success Planning

▶ Launching & Re-Launching on Amazon


Why work with me?

Hi, I’m Verity.

Helping brands grow and launch on Amazon is my thing. My passion and purpose.

My other things are: Black coffee, savoury breakfasts, whipping up gourmet salads, evenings spent cross stitching, and walks with my two loves—my fiancé Scott and our fur baby Walter.

“My superpower is understanding people’s vibes and knowing how to help product-based brands scale their business to new, international heights.”

After my personal success on Amazon, I led a team of e-commerce specialists at an agency where we helped hundreds of clients skyrocket their Amazon storefronts. Together, we worked with exclusive high-end brands to expand their products globally (if what I do were a keyword, ‘global’ would be one of them!)

Simply put, I’ve seen it all—what works and what doesn’t. From tweaking and improving listings, to growing sales and boosting rankings, I bring my years of experience into what I do and teach today.

If you’re looking to take your product to the next level, I’m here to help you do it!

What others are saying…


“Working with Verity has given me so much clarity and enthusiasm for my Amazon business. Knowledgeable, efficient, effective and warmly engaging she is a true professional. Verity has allowed me to have a quantum leap in how to manage all the Amazon tasks into a coherent plan.” 

from Heavenly Himalayan


“I'd like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for an amazing experience with your coaching. You have captured the core of my problems and shed light on areas that truly needed to be straightened, without which scaling my business is impossible.

Your generosity to share knowledge, experience and expertise exceeded my expectations. These are information that I can refer over and over again to keep improving my business. Your friendship and honest views about how things needed to be done are greatly appreciated. I've been selling on Amazon since 2015 and the value you bring to sellers like me is immense.” 



▶ 90-minute private Zoom meeting with Verity

▶ Video recording for replay later

▶ Detailed session notes with clear action steps

▶ Voxer support for 10-days after each session

▶ Any resources that might be helpful for your success

What’s Included?


NEXT Steps…

These Power sessions (as the name describes) are here to Power Up your business and take it to a whole new level with Amazon!

I’m excited to be able to share my years of Amazon knowledge & learnings with you so you can turn this incredible marketplace into a profitable revenue stream for your business.

After our 90-minute session, it’s going to be up to you to take action & move your business in a successful direction by implementing what you learn.

If you’re interested in looking for more ways to work together visit the services page or send us a message!

If you’re ready to take action, move fast and expand your product business on the Amazon Marketplace… BUT you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, and need some expert help to get back on track, then this is for you.

Answer :

Anything related to selling on Amazon – Some common topics are listed here:

o How Amazon Works
o Profitability & Fees on Amazon
o Expanding to the USA and Internationally
o Freight & Logistics Navigation
o Working with 3PL’s as a Safety Net
o Amazon Listing Optimisation
o Brainstorming & Planning for Existing Sellers
o Roadmap for Success Planning
o Launching & Re-Launching on Amazon

Answer :

Write down all of your questions and have your topics ready to discuss. This will help to make sure everything gets covered.

Answer :

These sessions are 100% virtual and will be held on a Zoom call – It’s recommended to choose a quiet space without distractions so you can maximize the time we have together.

Answer :

Yes! You get access to 10-Days of Voxer support so you can reach out for support after your 90-minute session. Voxer is a voice and text messaging app.

Answer :

No, these sessions don’t include any DFY work – If you do need this kind of support, please send us a message. 

Answer :

After your Power Session you’ll have a clear plan, and goals to work towards and implement. If you do need more help, I have created a range of programs that might assist. www.smartlittlespace.com

Answer :